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Tax Preparation

Tax Problems

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Tax Preparation


Nobody likes paying taxes. But taking steps to minimize your tax obligations saves you money now and sets up procedures that will benefit your financial position in the years to come.


There are tax consequences for any financial decision you make. I can help you avoid the negative consequences of decisions which don't take present and future tax considerations into account.


I encourage clients to prepare their tax information so that it's ready for audit despite the fact that an audit would be a low probability. I do this because it's easier to organize your tax data as you go through the year rather than after the fact.


Tax Problems


I can help mitigate your tax problems and re-establish your financial status on a sound basis. Among the typical problems I've handled are the following:


    • Clients who haven't filed a return for a year or more may need to file immediately. What you may not know is that the government charges interest which compounds daily on delinquent taxes. It's not unusual to have cases where the interest owed is greater than the original tax liability.


   • Divorce attorneys rarely understand tax issues and as a result they often structure a settlement that penalizes their client in the long run.


   • Some employers mistakenly hire an employee as an independent contractor. The penalty for losing a payroll audit is onerous. Call me to be sure of the correct status of your employees.



Audit Representation


When the Internal Revenue Service or the Franchise Tax Board send a taxpayer a notice of audit, the notice will specify the tax year and the areas of the tax return they want to review. The first thing the taxpayer should do is hire a tax professional to guide and represent them at the audit.


I strongly urge taxpayers to seek professional help because experienced representatives know what documents the IRS or FTB agent expect to see to support the tax return. I help the taxpayer to organize their documentation so that the audit agent has the easiest possible job determining that the numbers on the return are supported by receipts, logs, etc.


A tax professional speaks taxes; the tax profession has specific terminology.  The wrong term can result in the disallowance of a deduction, expense or credit resulting in a tax increase. The audit agent isn't always knowledgeable about tax law and then it becomes my job to educate the agent.


When the taxpayer follows my recommendations they will be successful at an audit.


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"When the taxpayer follows

my recommendations they will

be successful at an audit."

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